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Can Puppies Be On a Raw Meat Diet?

Can Puppies Be On a Raw Meat Diet?

One of the most common questions that we get asked at Raw K9 is whether or not dogs under one years old can be fed a raw diet. We are happy to answer with a definitive “yes!” Feeding your puppy a raw meat diet is not only possible but extremely beneficial for their health and overall development. In this blog post, we discuss why puppies can be on a raw meat diet, what the benefits are, and how to properly transition your fur baby to a species-appropriate diet.

For the best raw dog foods available anywhere, turn to Raw K9. Our bestselling complete beef meals, ultimate bundles, and other nutritious and delicious raw meals and treats can help improve your puppy’s digestion, skin, coat, build, dental hygiene, and more. Read on to discover even more of what raw feeding has to offer, then browse all of our products today!

Why Puppies CAN Eat Raw Meat

Since puppies’ digestive tracts haven’t had a chance to acclimate to any particular diet for an extended period of time, their digestive system will acclimate to any kind of food, and do so quickly. Since a puppy’s first few weeks and months set the stage for a lifetime of health or illness, it is important to start feeding them a raw diet as young as possible. This evolution-based approach to proper canine nutrition will not only boost their health but help them to cope with the rigors of a modern lifestyle, allowing them to thrive rather than merely survive. Breeders regularly boast that their raw-weaned puppies are the healthiest, strongest, liveliest, calmest, smartest, and overall most wonderful pups that ever lived! 

The Benefits of Raw-Weaning Your Puppy

When it comes to the benefits of feeding your puppies a raw diet, the list is nearly endless. Here are some of the most commonly sighted impacts that dog owners see when they first transition their fur babies:

  • Boosted immune system: Many of our customers report fewer illnesses when they feed their puppies our raw food rather than kibble. We believe that this is due to the wide range of natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, soluble fibres, and other nutrients our food provides to a puppy’s growing gut bacteria.
  • Less allergies and healthier skin: It has also been suggested that dogs who eat a raw diet from a young age have fewer environmental allergies than dogs who were fed kibble as puppies. This is significance since up to 27% of dogs have canine atopic dermatitis, i.e. a genetic hypersensitivity to environmental substances that can cause debilitating lifelong symptoms, such as excessive itching and scratching, hot spots, greasy or flaky skin, hair loss, and excessive chewing on paws.
  • Healthier weight and improved energy: Puppyhood is meant to be the most active, mobile period of a dog’s life but, unfortunately, many dogs begin to suffer from obesity at a very young age due to being fed processed foods with high amounts of carbohydrates and harmful fats. Carrying extra weight on a growing skeleton is very harmful for puppies’ overall development. A 2018 study by the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences concluded that dogs who were raw fed had lower triglyceride levels than puppies on a kibble diet. All of our Raw K9 mixes, meals, and treats contain high levels of proteins, helping set up your puppies for a stronger, leaner, and more muscular build, as well as lower blood pressure.
  • Glossier coat: One of the most common comments that we receive from our happy customers is that in as little as two to three weeks of feeding their puppy our Raw K9 raw dog food they have noticed their fur baby having a much softer and glossier coat. 
  • Better digestion (and poos!): No one likes picky up loose, smelly stools. One of the greatest benefits of raw feeding is that dogs’ number twos generally smaller, firmer, and drier. This is because many dogs find it difficult to digest grains, which are common in starchy, processed pet foods. You’ll also notice that your puppy will have less wind due to the natural digestibility of our foods!
  • Improved behavior: How you treat your dog during their first weeks and months can set them up for a life of calm obedience or anxiety and misbehavior. Dry dog foods are high in carbohydrates, resulting in high blood sugar and insulin levels, which have long been linked to poor behavior. Raw-weaning your puppy will make them less likely to be anxious, fearful, reactive, or aggressive and more likely to have the calm, agreeable temperament that dog owners desire.
  • How to Raw-Wean Your Puppy

    As mentioned, it is best to start raw feeding your puppy as young as possible. Start your puppy off with one protein (we recommend raw beef) until you’re sure that their system has acclimated (firm stool is the key marker), then introduce a wide variety of other proteins, such as our duck, fish, lamb, quail, rabbit, and turkey mixes. Optimum nutrition is best achieved by introducing 4-6 proteins in balanced meal formats. In terms of how much food you should feed your puppy, here is what we recommend:

    • 2-4 month old pups: 8-10% of their current weight divided over 3 meals daily
    • 4-6 month old pups: 6-8% of their current weight divided over 3 meals daily
    • 6-8 month old pups: 4-6% of their current weight divided over 3 meals daily
    • 8-12 month old pups: 3-4% of their current weight divided over 3 meals daily

    Start Your Puppy Off On the Right Paw With Raw K9!

    At Raw K9, we understand that as a dog owner you want your puppy to live a life that is as long, healthy, and happy, as possible. That’s why we created raw mixes, meals, and treats that are only ever of the quality that we would be happy to feed our own dogs. When you trust in Raw K9 for your dog’s raw diet, you can rest assured that they are getting the optimally balanced food that they need to thrive. There’s no better time than the present to transition your puppy or adult dog to a delicious and nutritious raw diet. Get started by browsing our products today!