Have you ever noticed that your dog loves the smell of fish? There’s a reason for that. Fish is a healthy source of protein that is rich in rare omega-3 fatty acids, which support brain, heart, and kidney health. A great option for arthritic dogs due to its anti-inflammatory properties, fish is also ideal for dogs with allergies as a convenient alternative to more common ingredients, like chicken. We offer a variety of different raw dog foods featuring fish, such as our beef and salmon mix and surf and turf bundle. Our meat is always born, raised, and humanely harvested in the United States, as well as hormone-, GMO-, and antibiotic-free. We never use denaturing chemicals or high-pressure pasteurization to ensure that all of our raw dog food meals feature all the nutrients your fur baby needs to achieve optimal health. Whether your dog has allergies, or you're simply looking to add some variety to their raw food diet, our fish mixes are sure to get their mouth watering!