About Us


From Our Family of Dog Lovers to Yours

Having grown up loving and learning about dogs, our family has always had a lifelong passion for the species we call “man's best friend.” As the years have passed, we have come to understand what it means to have dogs that suffer from allergies, skin issues, and other health problems. We determined that a major contributor to these issues is the food that we feed our pets. 

This led us to the realization that food can be the most proactive of medicines. This is the mission of Raw K9.

Today, our lives revolve around our dogs, so we are extremely passionate about finding healthy ways in which we can help our dogs live the longest lives possible. That is why we are so obsessive about creating the highest quality raw dog food diet by using the highest quality ingredients available. 

As a family-run company, and owners of our own Schutzhund-trained German Shepherds, we stand by the quality of what we sell and deliver to the fur-babies in your home.


Raw K9