There’s a reason why dogs love to “gobble” up turkey whenever they get the chance. This lean, easily digestible protein is rich in essential nutrients like riboflavin and phosphorus, which can help provide energy and support healthy overall development. It is also a great alternative for dogs with food allergies and sensitivities to more common types of meats. An important caveat is to never feed your dog cold-cut turkey or turkey from the Thanksgiving table, as these may hurt their digestive tract. Instead, we recommend that you opt for one of our raw turkey mixes, which are specifically made for canine consumption. We only use turkey that is human grade, and hormone-, GMO-, and antibiotic free. In addition, all of our turkey is made from birds who were hatched, raised, and humanely harvested in the United States. Best of all, our turkey mixes can be eaten by both dogs and cats, so you can feed both your furry friends in one economical entree.