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The Raw Dog Food vs. Kibble Debate

The Raw Dog Food vs. Kibble Debate

The topic of what exactly constitutes a healthy canine diet has long been a source of contentious debate among dog owners. There are those who swear by standard commercial pet food while others talk so often about their dog’s raw diet that people wonder what all the fuss is about! In this blog post, we tackle the raw versus dry dog food debate head-on, with the hopes of getting some valuable insight into how best to feed your four-legged friend.

Raw K9 is your source for fresh, high-quality raw dog food. All of our meals, packs, bundles, treats, and other dog foods are made from animals that were humanely raised and harvested in the United States at the peak of their health. Read on to learn why you should switch your dog from a dry to a raw dog food diet, then shop our assortment of nutritious and delicious doggy delights today!

What Is a Raw Dog Food Diet?

If you’re new to the world of raw dog food, then welcome! You have come to the right place. At Raw K9 we are firm believers in the value of a raw dog food diet for improving the health and happiness of your canine companion. 

A raw dog food diet is a diet that consists of, well, raw meat! This includes muscle meat, bones, organ meats such as livers and kidneys, and more. Raw dog food diets are based on evolutionary research that suggests that dogs thrive best by eating what canines ate before they were domesticated. The physical and mental health benefits of a raw dog food diet are manifold, and include shinier coats, healthier skin, cleaner teeth, higher energy levels, smaller stools, improved digestion, a leaner build, improved behavior, and more!

What Is Kibble?

Often referred to simply as “dry food,” kibble is a form of commercially prepared dog food that consists mainly of processed grains. Kibble is often 60% carbohydrates or more, and consists of little moisture and low-quality protein, with the protein it does include being mostly plant-based. 

Dry commercial kibble was introduced in response to the high cost of meat during the Great Depression. Today, it is used by more than 90% of canine caretakers since it is cheap and convenient. Like most things in life, however, when it comes to dog food, you get what you pay for. 

The Dangers of Kibble

The pet food industry has notoriously low standards for what can and cannot be included in commercial pet food, as we discussed in an earlier post. Many kibbles and other commercial dog foods contain 4D meats — meat sourced from animals that are dead, dying, diseased, or down. Eating food made from 4D meats can expose your dog to denaturing agents, harmful medications, and even the phenobarbital used to euthanize pets.

As cheap, convenient, low-quality kibble continues to rise in popularity, so does the rate of chronic ailments such as degenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergies, and cancers in dogs. Many dog nutritionists believe that kibble is to blame, not only because it harbors harmful toxins, but also because it has very low nutritional value. Kibble consists mainly of “filler” ingredients, such as rice and other processed grains, which add calories to your dog’s diet yet no nutritional value. The result is canine obesity, diabetes, and other major health problems.

What About the Raw Diet Naysayers?

It’s not uncommon to face some pushback when telling people that you’re considering switching your dog to a raw diet. The truth, however, is that with high-quality raw meat products, like those we sell at Raw K9, a raw dog food diet is perfectly healthy and highly beneficial for your four-legged friend. Raw meat consists of all the vitamins and minerals that dogs need, thousands of different enzymes, and a full range of antioxidants, all in their natural form. Not to mention that dogs go wild for the taste!

At Raw K9, Raw Dog Food Reigns!

Kibble has been around for approximately 60 years — a small drop in the bucket in the history of canines. If you care about your dog’s health and happiness, then we recommend switching them from kibble to a raw dog food diet. Your dog will enjoy a healthier, shinier coat, improved digestion, better dental hygiene, and so much more. Get in touch with the Raw K9 team today for any more questions you may have about the raw dog food versus kibble debate, and shop our products today!