Variety Beef Mix Bundle

24.00 LBS

Variety is the spice of life...and a key component in achieving "Optimum Nutrition for Maximum Health".

The Pasture-Raised Variety Beef Mix Bundle has up to 6 different, yet balanced, mixes...a total of 5 different proteins!  Making it ideal for those that are looking for variety and convenience.

It is available in 24, 30 and 36 pound bundles to accommodate 54 lb & 60 lb (for Florida) shipping boxes.  They are fixed, no changes in quantities and include:

Beef Carnivore-2lb 3 3 3
Beef Complete-2lb 3 3 3
Beef & Duck-2lb 3 3 3
Beef & Turkey-2lb 3 3 3
Beef & Salmon-2lb - 3 3
Beef & Rabbit-2lb - - 3


100% Pasture-Raised Beef. From Start to Finish!

Step 4 in Animal Welfare. 

NEVER given any Hormones or Antibiotics.  NEVER fed any animal by-products. 

Born, Raised and Humanely Harvested in the USA in the prime of their health and USDA certified.

No Denaturing chemicals are ever used in any of our products!

For best shipping rates, order in 54 pound increments.  Florida customers can order up to 60 pounds per large cooler box.